Friday, August 24, 2007

The Thing About My Folks

I didn't watch "Mad About You" very much, but Paul Reiser was very funny on that show. His pairing with Helen Hunt was perfect. In this movie, Reiser plays a similar role, but rather than the husband/wife dynamic, he gets to spend some time with his dad, played by Peter Falk. Dad shows up late one night and announces that his wife has left him. She left a note to that effect, with no indication as to where she had gone or when or if she would ever return. In a questionable plot trick, Reiser digs up a letter he found in his mom's things when he was a kid, and which he has saved all these years. His mom had written the letter to his dad before Reiser was born, but she had never given it to him. In it, she makes the case that her workaholic husband has been inattentive to her and their daughters, and that she had only stayed with him out of a sense of duty and obligation. So Reiser gives the letter to Falk, and it much reminiscing occurs.

I have not done the plot justice, but that's really pretty much it. This is a warm story of reconciliation overcoming regrets. It has a feel-good tone, some laughs and chuckles, and a good message: enjoy your family while you can, and never think it's too late to say your sorry and start over.

Not a bad movie. Bottom line, 2 1/2 stars.

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