Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Nowhere in Africa

I didn't know anything about this movie except that it won the Academy Award for best foreign film. It involves the Jewish family of a lawyer, Walter Redlich, which emigrates to Kenya to flee Nazi persecution in Germany. They encounter hardship in Africa, yet come to love the land. The couple's marriage goes through rocky times, yet they decide to stay together. Their daughter falls in love with the people and the land. The British are quite decent to them, even thought they detain them for a time (as German citizens) during the war.

A movie crier might shed some tears. The Redliches left most of their family behind in Germany. Things look bleaker and bleaker as the persecution of the Jews intensifies. They try to balance their grief over their struggles in Kenya with their relief to be alive. This little description does not do the movie justice, but if you like this sort of historical family epic movie, this is definitely a winner. Bottom line, three and half stars.

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