Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Derek Charles (Idris Elba) used to be known as a the office ladies man.  But since he's settled down with his wife, Sharon (Beyonce Knowles), he's blissfully happy and solidly faithful.  When Lisa (Ali Larter, who "Heroes" fans will recognize as the ice woman) starts temping in Derek's office, she throws his life for a loop.  Her flirting with him, and his not pushing her away fast enough, lead to quite a mess.
He does remain faithful to his wife, but Lisa takes his actions and friendly responses to her as expressions of romantic interest.  From the moment they first meet in the elevator, he can't help taking a peek as she flashes her legs.  She interprets his stolen glances and friendly banter as encouragement for a relationship.  Of course he means no such thing, and makes it very clear when she physically comes on to him, but her pursuit only escalates.  Derek's first mistake was being a bit too friendly, bordering on flirtacious; his next mistake was not mentioning Lisa's come ons to his wife.  When Lisa sets him up, making it look like they are having an affair, Sharon refuses to believe that Derek is innocent, and kicks him out of the house.  I couldn't understand why she couldn't take his word; he ended up out of the house for three months!  But when she finally decides to forgive, Lisa strikes again. 

There are plenty of movies in which the guy cheats on his wife or girlfriend, then tries to win her back.  It was refreshing to see a movie in which the guy, in spite a few innocent mistakes, is faithful to his wife to the end.  I mentioned in my review of He Loves Me He Loves Me Not that the main character exhibits erotomania.  That word is not mentioned in Obsessed, but Lisa clearly has the same disorder.  The final confrontation between Lisa and Sharon goes a bit over the top, but, again, it's refreshing to see a wife so dedicated to protecting her marriage.

I know nothing about Beyonce's singing.  I couldn't name one of her songs.  But I saw in the paper today that she won a record number of Grammys, so she must be pretty good.  She's a darn good actress, too.  I thoroughly enjoyed her in this.  Elba was a bit wooden, and Larter was a bit stereotypically seductive, but Beyonce made up for their performances.

I liked the movie OK, but the rating is boosted for the clear, practical warning to all married men to diligently protect their marriages!

Bottom line, 2 1/2 stars.

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