Monday, February 15, 2010

The Maiden Heist

Put William H. Macy, Morgan Freeman, and Christopher Walken together in a screwball comedy, and why wouldn't I want to see it?  The Maiden Heist is definitely a walk on the light side, but entertaining nonetheless.

The three stars play security guards at a Boston art museum.  During their tenures, each has fallen in love with particular works of art.  When they learn that the pieces have been sold to a Danish museum, they decide they must take drastic measures to keep their loved ones close.  Freeman, the rock of the group, draws in Walken--who is faithful to his wife but who is in love with the woman in the painting, and Macy--the ex-marine and warrior at heart who so identifies with the sculpture of the nude warrior that he strips nude to pose next to it while on night guard duty.

Against all odds, they come up with a plan and manage to pull it off.  The art in the movie is fictional, made just for the movie, but I enjoyed seeing the love of the art.  I tend to breeze through art galleries; these men's dedication to art, and their habit of looking deep into the works and gleaning layers of meaning and appreciation made me want to slow down next time I go to an art museum.

I would be remiss not to mention Marcia Gay Harden.  She's terrific as Walken's wife.  With these four top shelf talents in a pretty decent film, it's strange that this went straight to DVD.  I've certainly seen much worse at the theater.

Bottom line, 2 1/2 stars.

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