Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Way of War

This is a movie I hesitate even to post a review of.  It's a direct-to-video loser.  It tries hard.  The production quality isn't that bad.  The acting isn't great, but it's OK.  But the overall product is a dog I would rather have missed.

David Wolfe (Cuba Gooding), an elite, highly trained soldier in a unit hunting terrorists, finds the mother lode: a terrorist called The Ace of Spades, seemingly a reference to the deck of cards listing of most wanted terrorists after 9-11.  In the course of his team's pursuit, Wolfe discovers more about the U.S. administration's role in backing the terrorists themselves than the administration wanted him to find out.  He then finds himself a target.  When his girlfriend is killed, he becomes a hunter of those responsible.  That sounds pretty promising.  If they had just made it a shoot-em-up, Stephen Segal type of revenge/action movie, they would have done OK.  But they tried to make it a philosophical, reflective story, attempting artistic, mysterious flashbacks to slowly build the story.  What we end up with is a muddled mess, not completely unwatchable, but almost.

Bottom line: 1 star.  Don't waste your time.

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