Saturday, September 15, 2007

Just Visiting

Sometimes it's OK for a movie to be trite and silly. That doesn't mean you can't enjoy it! Again, for some reason I am drawn to Jean Reno. He is pretty funny in this movie as a knight who is transported to the future by a bumbling wizard. He winds up--o happy coincidence--in a museum where his descendant, who looks just like his bride, works. She confuses him with a relative of hers who has gone missing, and takes him and his servant home.

So they didn't break new ground with the out-of-time visitors learning about the exciting world of the 21st century. So what. They get sick in the car, they wash up using the toilet bowl water, they bath with their clothes on and pour Chanel no. 5 in the tub, they destroy a TV trying to get the poor people out who are trapped inside. It's pretty amusing.

The story's cute, too, and, wonder of wonders, Reno does not fall in love with Christina Applegate; they figure out that she is his descendant and she helps him find the wizard so he can go back and marry his bride. She discovers her own inner strength, and her scheming, cheating fiance also gets his due in the process.

Everyone lives happily ever after (except for the fiance) and the viewer is left with a smile on his face. Nothing wrong with that. Bottom line, two and a half stars.

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