Friday, May 6, 2011

La Habitacion de Fermate (Fermat's Room)

Fermat's Room has a great premise and some interesting development, but ultimately does not deliver.  Four great mathematicians are invited to a mysterious meeting at the home of a fifth.  None has ever met the others, but throughout the evening connections between them are revealed.  During dinner, the host is called away, and the four guests soon find that they're trapped in one room.  The walls of the room begin to press in on them, literally, and they have to solve a series of riddles to find a way to avoid being crushed.
Getting kind of tight in here!  Shut down all the trash compactors on the detention level! 
It seems like it would be a thriller with a higher level of intellectual engagement, and it does start off that way, but it ends up being a thriller in the vein of the brilliant psycho who devises impossibly elaborate means of scaring the pants of his victims before killing them.  I tire of that sort of story.  That said, if those movies are your cup of tea, Fermat's Room is better than most.

Bottom line, 2 stars.

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