Saturday, May 1, 2010

La Ventana (The Window)

Antonio is elderly, bedridden, and probably does not have long to live.  His son, a renowned pianist, is coming to visit.  La Ventana encapsulates the day of preparation, Antonio's reminiscing, and his son's short visit.  Even though he's on the brink of death, Antonio remains cheerful and positive throughout, making the most of his last hours.
Set on Antonio's remote estate in Patagonia, the setting is desolate, but serene, like the movie.  This is a slow, sparse movie, with little action and dialogue, but somehow comes off as beautiful and peaceful.  I was left wishing to know more about Antonio, his relationship with his son, and his son's feelings for his dad.  Antonio is clearly a father who loves his son, no matter what, and welcomes him home with joy.

La Ventana is definitely not a film for the multiplex, and would put many viewers, accustomed to non-stop action and rapid fire dialogue, to sleep.  But enjoyed for what it is, it's definitely a winner.  (By the way, this is another Film Movement film.)

Bottom line, 3 stars.

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