Monday, December 7, 2009

Contract Killers

Jane (Frida Show) is one angry assassin.  During a quiet dinner with her husband or boyfriend (I don't think this was ever very clear), they are poisoned by the wine.  When she wakes up, she discovers him dead on their bed.  She calls in to her CIA contact, but quickly realizes she's a target.  And for the rest of the movie, she's running away from people trying to kill her.

She works for a black-ops department of the CIA as an assassin, but she's not sure if she was double-crossed on the last job she pulled, or what her handlers were really up to.  To be honest, I'm not really sure either, nor did I really care.  Take this movie at face value: a direct-to-video b-movie that tries to be flashy and cool with its action sequences, flashbacks, and fancy editing.  But it ends up with a jumbled, confusing, almost unwatchable mess.  There's nothing really new here.  It reminded me of a TV series that would shortly be cancelled because it's not that good.

Sorry about the short, non-insightful review.  But I just wish I had never picked up this movie.

One star.

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